1-1 Sessions & Online Courses that support you to . . .

Empower Yourself to Move Pain Free, Unburden Your Mind & Start Living a Life of Freedom & Vitality

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Movement Therapy & Bodywork

These sessions are for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries related to movements - ailments like low back, knee, and shoulder pain that impact everyday life. Click below for more details.

Move Pain Free

Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

If you are looking for customized high touch support in creating a specific outcome in your life or transitioning through an event in your life, the coaching and mentoring sessions are for you. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and parents. 

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Online Courses

If you are looking for a step by step guide to find greater clarity and confidence in your life, motivate yourself to take aligned action or create the necessary strategy to fulfill any outcome, The Arena Courses are for you and align your Psychology with your Biology.

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You don't have to numb, cope, or settle anymore.

No more relying on medication, therapies, modalities, and systems that don't provide sustainable solutions.

Trust me . . . I get it

I had 5 orthopedic surgeries before the age of 22 with no hope for relief from the pain and left only with the thoughts, "there has to be another way!"

I have been in the depths of hopelessness wondering what was the purpose of this life, questioning everything, I moved 18 times with my wife trying to find meaning purpose, and direction.

After in depth study of movement, bio-mechanics, nutritional science, psychology, and neuroscience I was able to develop a system and paradigm of health and vitality that has given me the ability to know fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and vitality like I've never experienced before.

And now I want to share that with you.



1. Discovery & Assessment

Setting up a consultation, talking about where you are and where you want to go and taking a global assessment ensures we don't chase symptoms. This session can be done in person or vitually.

Plan with Beginning & End

Creating a customized plan with a defined beginning and a defined ending with clear goals and objectives that will be used to measure progress and ensure the plan is producing results.

Sustainable Results & Tools

The goal is to empower you to have the knowledge and tools to sustain your results and navigate life going forward. You will leave with a customized plan with clear guidelines to move forward on your own.
*follow up sessions are available if needed

Blog Posts

Here are the latest blog posts covering everything from mental health, physical rehabilitation, mindset, nutrition, and fitness!

Thousands of Individuals Have Benefited

"This process has helped me to take on a whole new life, literally. I have changed and transformed in ways I never thought was possible."


"For people that have exhausted every medical professional, test, medicine, and exercise available and still have gotten no results . . . Matt provides hope."

Teacher & Mom

"After getting no results working with many different health professionals, it started to feel hopeless. Working with Matt has made it possible to move with less pain that I have had in years. Amazing."

Firefighter & CrossFit Athlete

"Because of my work with Matt, I have created goals I did not think were within my grasp. I feel confident and believe that I can accomplish my dreams. It has changed my life."

Retired & Starting New Chapter


I will send you 2 Vitality Tips every Tuesday that you can implement immediately into your lifestyle. Tips ranging from how to create more clarity & confidence to what to do if you are suffering from back, knee, or shoulder pain.


The traditional healthcare model is not designed to provide you with the tools to thrive and create a life of vitality. It has an incredible ability to detect disease and treat the symptoms to keep us surviving our days. Because of this health is now measured by the absence of any recognizable or detectable disease.

If you are someone who is looking for another level of health and wellness or have ailments that the traditional model doesn't seem to have answers for, The Vitality Program is made just for you.

The Vitality Program is rooted in the Vitality Principles that I have developed over the last 25 years of working with thousands of individuals navigating the areas of

  1. Musculoskeletal Injuries
  2. Nutritional & Systemic Needs
  3. Psychology & Mindset

The Vitality Principles are based on working with the body's most basic foundational systems in order to optimize its ability to recover, regenerate, and perform at all levels.

Vitality is defined as the capacity for the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence and the power to live and grow with exuberant physical strength and mental vigor.

Have you ever thought about your level of VITALITY over health?

If you'd like to get an idea of the level of your overall Vitality, take the Vitality Questionnaire to see where your measure up. I created this questionnaire using the Vitality Principles as the indicators of Vitality. The Questionnaire will not only provide you with an overall score but can be used to identify the areas to focus on that would create the biggest impact on your vitality.


What's Your Level of Vitality?

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