Arena Method Courses are designed to leverage your powerful biology to create clarity and confidence to pursue and fulfill what's most important to you!



#1) Clarity & Confidence for Next Step(s)

AIM is designed to help you navigate major changes in your life, moments when you feel like you are lost or feeling directionless. When you don't have a clear AIM to pursue or your pursing something that isn't meaningful to you, life can become a giant burden, boring and tedious.

#2) Managing Fears & Sustaining Motivation

ALIGN is designed for those that have an idea of what they want to create but have a difficult time moving in that direction or creating that experience. Anxiety, overwhelm, and fear tend to dominate the experience leaving you to just look for moments when you can come up for air.

#3) Discipline, Execution, & Better Habits

HABITS is designed for individuals that are are looking to up-level their strategies to accomplish their goals more quickly and efficiently. Looking to streamline actions to have the greatest impact on all aspects of their life ensuring to keep their life in balance.

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What's Included in Each Course

Each of the three courses are comprised of 10 Lessons that include:

  • Course Workbook
  • 10 Hours of Video Content
  • 20 Meditations (Beginner & Advanced)
  • Weekly Exercises
  • LIVE Class Recordings
  • Lifetime Access to Materials and Future Updates
  • Engage online, phone, or tablet device

You can engage with any course at anytime. Select the course that resonates with where you are today.

What Makes Arena Method Courses Different?

Simply stated, it is the FIRST Personal Development Course created that aligns your Psychology with your Biology.

After being intensely engaged in the Personal Development and Self Help area for the last 10 years, I started to see a trend for myself and for individuals I was coaching and engaged with. There were too many instances where we all seemed to be working on the SAME THINGS over and over again. To the point where if we weren't getting a result, it was because we weren't trying hard enough or there was something wrong with us. Don't get me wrong, there was some benefits to these tools, but it started to seem like a never ending loop of "working on myself".

With backgrounds in psychology and neuroscience, My colleague and I dove back into some of the latest research and realized that much of what is being taught in the personal development space was in conflict with our basic biological processes.

A few examples of concepts being taught in the personal development space that don't align with biological processes are:

  • pursuing happiness (or any emotional) as the primary goal
  • happiness is a choice
  • its important to feel and accept your emotions, but then let them go
  • You shouldn't care what people think about you
  • Need to suppress self doubt and move forward anyway!
  • You have destructive patterns inside that are holding you back
  • The problem is you overact to things that aren't a big deal

What I found was advice like this left me (and so many others) in a place of not trusting myself and creating a bigger dissociation to my gut instinct, emotions, and intuition.

This is WHY Arena Method was created. My colleague, Josh Guerrero and I, created Arena Method to give people access to methods that align your Psychology with your Biology.

One of the core concepts that Arena Method anchors to, is that we are hard wired to PURSUE MEANING in life, not happiness. Happiness is the biproduct of pursuing things that matter to you. It is named Arena Method after the "Man in the Arena" quote by Teddy Roosevelt. A quote that embodies living a purposeful and meaningful life even if it means being "marred by dust and sweat and blood"  and "daring greatly" to extract all the life out of life.

Implementing the tools from AIM, ALIGN, and HABITS are giving people the ability to become empowered and to be able to trust, accept, and integrate ALL aspects of themselves.


""Understanding underlying biological needs allowed me to address the true cause of my discomfort and stop focusing on something I've been trying to work on for years.""

College Professor

""I am more motivated to move toward my goals than I ever have been. It feels like a sustained motivation, different than times in the past.""

C-Suite Exec

""The depth of detail and instruction goes beyond anything I've ever taken, and I've taken almost every personal development course that exists. I have a much better understanding of what I need to do, to create sustainable change.""

Business Owner

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