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What To Do If Your Kids Are Anxious & Overwhelmed

What to do if your kids have anxiety and are overwhelmed


It is a sad reality that today, millions of North American children and young adults are prescribed stimulants, antidepressants, and antipsychotic drugs. Statistics show that more than 50% of kids before the age of 18 will be diagnosed with a mental disorder. The chances are very high that if you have children, you are dealing with a child that is, at the very least, experiencing high levels of anxiety, overwhelm, and restlessness. In this article, I will share with you one absolutely fail-safe way to support them and the biggest mistake I, and many parents I work with, make when trying to support their children.


Every child needs two things in order to be at peace within themselves: safety and belonging. The perception that they are physically safe and accepted is vital. Renowned physician and acclaimed author, Dr. Gabor Mate, identified two specific needs that every child has to satisfy the sense of belonging:

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Why Are You In The Relationships You Are In?

Ever wonder why you are in the relationships you are in? Why you are married or partnered with that person? Why do you have the friends you have? I’ll tell you a little secret, it's not what you think. In this blog, I will share with you what drives you to be in the relationships you are in. I will also share the role of relationships and why they are one of, if not the most important things in our life.


It is essential to understand that being in relationships with others is a matter of life and death. Being connected to others is hard-wired into our brains and nervous system. Starting a relationship is one of our first instincts and objectives when we are born. This first relationship we make sure we have is with our caregiver - ideally, mom. This objective is so powerful that we actually attach to our caregiver as if our life depends on it, because it does. This instinct is referred to as the “attachment drive.” Humans are one of the most dependent...

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The Beauty of Conflict in Relationships

I Can’t Believe We Still Like Each Other After 22 Years?!


My wife Eve and I have been together for over 22 years and have been married for 20 of those years. Like many couples who have been together for that long, we have navigated quite a bit. Over the last 22 years together, we have moved 17 times all over the county. Our business in Southern California lost over 80% of its revenue in a month due to an unexpected event. We have and are raising two children, homeschooling them for one of those years. And most recently, we navigated a tremendously traumatic transition in a career that once again eliminated over 80% of our income and almost cost us our home. We recently took a step back and reflected on how we’ve not only been able to overcome all of these events and be together, but more importantly, how, after all these years of being together and all the trials and tribulations, do we still like each other as much as we do?! After discussing this for some time,...

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Vitality Principle #3: Make Time Matter More

In the last few weeks, I shared with you the difference between “Health” and “Vitality” and the first two principles of knowing a life of vitality. This week I will share with you the third and final principle of knowing vitality. This last principle allows you to be more present, increase your productivity by 10x, and access fulfillment and gratitude daily.


Drumroll, please . . .the third and final vitality principle is Make Time Matter More. Time is by far our most valuable resource. We all need to be reminded of this when we make choices that eat up our precious time with loved ones to make a little extra money. I learned this lesson the hard way when I owned the Vitality Center in Southern California and was focused on making more money to support my family. I was so focused on making more money that I was never around to be with my family - a big mistake. I have worked with countless clients who are either caught in this trap themselves or married...

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Vitality Principle #2 - Growth Mindset

Second Principle to Knowing Vitality

In last week’s blog, I shared the first and most essential principle to living a life of vitality. This week I will share with you the second principle of vitality. This particular principle has saved me more times than I can count. It will ensure you don’t become a tortured genius or worthless and incapable. This principle will give you access to the “Zone of Optimal Growth” and allow you to continue to grow, evolve, and expand regardless of the situation you find yourself in. 


One of the most overwhelming and defeating approaches to life is to pick a target that is impossible to hit. I would say that the majority of people that come to me for support with anxiety, overwhelm, and feelings of inadequacy are there because they are trying to achieve something that is impossible to fulfill. They are trying to reach a destination that does not exist. There are many of these types of destinations, but two of the...

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Vitality Principle #1 - Ownership

Choosing to create and know vitality is not easy in our society. The systems of our society are rooted in keeping people healthy - this means keeping people free from disease or illness. Yet, most of us want more than to settle for this form of “health” in our lives. Throughout my personal journey of navigating the challenges of the health model and working with individuals over the last two decades, I have found some key principles that are essential to break free from the limitations of the health paradigm and access a life of vitality, freedom, and power. In this post, I will share the first of the three principles with you, and I guarantee if you apply them and refine them through the application, you will know an experience of life that few people will ever know.


Vitality Principle #1: Ownership

Without this first principle, there is not much that can be done to create what is possible. Ownership is the first thing I assess whenever I work with a client. Is...

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Stop Settling for Health, Choose Vitality

Stop Settling for Health, Choose Vitality

The number of individuals I have worked with over the last 20 years who I’ve had to untangle from the health paradigm is in the thousands. Throughout my own journey with traditional healthcare, five orthopedic surgeries before the age of 22, being dependent on medications and different coping strategies for depression, and working with people at my clinic, I have discovered numerous limitations to the health paradigm. Suppose you follow the typical healthy model of living - in that case, there is a good chance you will be on some type of medication, dependent on some technique or modality, need a glass of wine or meditation to mitigate your stress, and are most likely battling sweet and salty cravings on a daily basis. It’s time for a completely new paradigm – the vitality paradigm.

When you google the definition of health, you will see it defined as “the state of being free from illness or injury.” Translation:...

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Trilogy of Vitality - Part III: Mental/Emotional

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