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Why Are You In The Relationships You Are In?

Ever wonder why you are in the relationships you are in? Why you are married or partnered with that person? Why do you have the friends you have? I’ll tell you a little secret, it's not what you think. In this blog, I will share with you what drives you to be in the relationships you are in. I will also share the role of relationships and why they are one of, if not the most important things in our life.


It is essential to understand that being in relationships with others is a matter of life and death. Being connected to others is hard-wired into our brains and nervous system. Starting a relationship is one of our first instincts and objectives when we are born. This first relationship we make sure we have is with our caregiver - ideally, mom. This objective is so powerful that we actually attach to our caregiver as if our life depends on it, because it does. This instinct is referred to as the “attachment drive.” Humans are one of the most dependent...

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