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The First Principle to Knowing Vitality

Choosing to create and know vitality is not easy in our society. The systems of our society are rooted in keeping people healthy - this means keeping people free from disease or illness. Yet, most of us want more than to settle for this form of “health” in our lives. Throughout my personal journey of navigating the challenges of the health model and working with individuals over the last two decades, I have found some key principles that are essential to break free from the limitations of the health paradigm and access a life of vitality, freedom, and power. In this post, I will share the first of the three principles with you, and I guarantee if you apply them and refine them through the application, you will know an experience of life that few people will ever know.


Vitality Principle #1: Ownership

Without this first principle, there is not much that can be done to create what is possible. Ownership is the first thing I assess whenever I work with a client. Is...

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