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The Beauty of Conflict in Relationships

I Can’t Believe We Still Like Each Other After 22 Years?!


My wife Eve and I have been together for over 22 years and have been married for 20 of those years. Like many couples who have been together for that long, we have navigated quite a bit. Over the last 22 years together, we have moved 17 times all over the county. Our business in Southern California lost over 80% of its revenue in a month due to an unexpected event. We have and are raising two children, homeschooling them for one of those years. And most recently, we navigated a tremendously traumatic transition in a career that once again eliminated over 80% of our income and almost cost us our home. We recently took a step back and reflected on how we’ve not only been able to overcome all of these events and be together, but more importantly, how, after all these years of being together and all the trials and tribulations, do we still like each other as much as we do?! After discussing this for some time,...

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