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Vitality Principle #3: Make Time Matter More

In the last few weeks, I shared with you the difference between “Health” and “Vitality” and the first two principles of knowing a life of vitality. This week I will share with you the third and final principle of knowing vitality. This last principle allows you to be more present, increase your productivity by 10x, and access fulfillment and gratitude daily.


Drumroll, please . . .the third and final vitality principle is Make Time Matter More. Time is by far our most valuable resource. We all need to be reminded of this when we make choices that eat up our precious time with loved ones to make a little extra money. I learned this lesson the hard way when I owned the Vitality Center in Southern California and was focused on making more money to support my family. I was so focused on making more money that I was never around to be with my family - a big mistake. I have worked with countless clients who are either caught in this trap themselves or married...

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