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Vitality That Will Empower You to Create a Life of Freedom

Vitality That Will Empower You to Create a Life of Freedom

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Break Through the Chains of the Traditional Health Model & Empower Yourself with the Principles of Vitality!

What Are Others Saying About
Health to Vitality?

What Are Others Saying About
Health to Vitality?

"Matt, a natural teacher, takes you through pillars in his book Health to Vitality, breaks each area down with rationale, instruction/information and examples painting a clear picture. Early on, Matt shares the 401k philosophy from a mentor, this sums up the purpose of his book and mission. When you dive into Health to Vitality you will have an encompassing road map that is simple and attainable for life changing results!"

                                                                    - Carol T.

"This new book is a great new take on a life long problem. There’s so much misinformation and so many quick/expedient fixes offered by health experts that it’s difficult to know where to turn for reliable information. Health to Vitality presents fitness in a brand new light that makes complete sense. The nutrition section challenges my understanding about how to eat. There’s so much more that could be said ~ hurry up and write volume two!"

                                                                    - Caroline S.

"Wow. This book couldn't have come at a better time! Learning what it is to take care of my body and support my hormones without any medication is something I have wanting to do and this is a great resource! I loved learning about the 6 places to look at to achieve this with a strategy that's easy to follow. Matthew LaBosco breaks down nutrition's importance other than used for losing weight! As a women, in today's society this is something we could all benefit from. Also, I found this book to be super educating on how to move the body with stretches to get it to function properly with diagrams to support. Very helpful with lots of information!"

                                                                    - Jamie R.

"Matt's book is awesome, chock full of super useful info, on foundational movement, systemic care, and whole body nutrition. The vitality paradigm goes against traditional medical model, and focuses on long-term wellness as opposed to relying on quick fixes call the symptoms. Absolutely loved learning all the information, goes against almost everything I knew before. Especially the vitality foods and meal plan, turned around my whole thinking around nutrition. So grateful to Matt for putting out this great body of work, accumulated over 20 years from working with thousands of people. Really excited about changes already occurring in my life and vitality!"

                                                                    - Jena S.

"There is so much contradictory information out there in the healthcare and personal development space (very frustrating). This book sifts through the clutter and uncovers some hidden truths that are not talked about anywhere else. If you're looking for another book that says the same things as every other book out there (this is not it). I have read many books - but nothing comes close to this. As a culture, it seems like we have been moving away from the golden truths of how to live a meaningful and healthy life. This book reinstills some of the foundational principles to put things back together. I feel like I can hand this book to so many different people who have had challenges in so many different areas of life, whether it's with physical injuries, illness, or mental struggle - this book is something to keep in your back pocket."

                                                                    - Josh G.

"I found this book to be impactful enough that I believe this needs to become mainstream and replace so much of the bad information we receive about our health and vitality. I work in the medical system, so I’ve seen first hand how backwards our medical model is, so that part of the book really hit home for me. I love that the author isn’t afraid to call out the system for what it is in its current form. Regarding the 3 pillars of vitality, some things were confirmation of what I already knew, and many things completely changed how I think. I was blown away reading about the new food pyramid and the reasons why the old pyramid is so bad for us. I’ve immediately changed how I approach my “diet” now. Overall, I highly recommend this book. I’m buying multiple copies and handing them out at Christmas. I’m convinced this book can help so many people get more out of their lives!"

                                                                    - Alex M.





Treating Symptoms vs. Addressing the Cause

The Health Model is masterful in treating symptoms but rarely addresses root causes. Whether it is your lower back pain, they tell you you need surgery to resolve it, or a new medication to control your appetite, weight, mood, anxiety, or hormones. There is no shortage of short-term fixes you will be offered as a solution.

The Vitality Model illustrated in this book empowers you with information that allows you to treat the root cause of common ailments like back pain, sluggish metabolism, and anxiety.

Dependency vs. Empowered

Traditional Health Model's quick fixes are often accompanied by dependency on them.  It can look like taking a prescribed medication for your entire life or patching up your shoulder pain with anti-inflammatories and some physical therapy until it is bad enough that you are told you need surgery.

The Vitality approach empowers you with the agency to understand your body and its needs so you can address the most important variables for sustainable results inside of your physical, systemic, and mental well-being. Matt refers to these variables in the book as the "BIG ROCKS." Address the big things and the body takes care of the rest.

It is ALL Interconnected

It is now scientifically accepted that our bodies are one extremely intricate interconnected mass of cells and systems that are ALL interdependent. Although the medical model separates things into parts to better understand each part, EVERY part functions through the relationship with every other part in the system.

The Vitality Model addresses ALL aspects of the individual - physical, systemic, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Once these things are cared for, medical intervention is considered and leveraged if necessary.

When you understand the principles of The Trilogy of Vitality, you are no longer "surviving" every day and trying to be healthy. You can truly THRIVE and live the meaningful, free life you came here to live.


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LIke I mentioned, this book is FREE...I just need you to help me cover the cost of shipping and handling. I'll send it anywhere in the world because I know just how much of a game-changer the information in this book can be to your well-being.




  • When Matt was told his ​"X-Rays Look Good" while his arm was hanging from his body


  • The Problems with Traditional healthcare
  • ​physical rehabilitation & fitness - "So I'm not a walking cadaver?"
  • ​nutrition & systemic care - "Fill it up...Zero octane fuel."
  • ​mindset & stress - "stress is NOT the enemy."


  • Stop Moving Like a Dead Person
  • ​Exercise is Optional, Movement is Mandatory
  • The Movement Principled approach
  • ​The power regions of the body


  • The Vitality Framework for Movement
  • PHASE I: Remodel
  • PHASE II: Reprogram
  • ​PHASE III: Condition
  • ​PHASE IV: Enhance


  • Nutrition: We Have mastered hitting the bullseye on the wrong target
  • 5 Keys to Creating Systemic vitality


  • The Vitality Principles for eating - sugar is your friend & avoid POLY
  • ​The Vitality foods


  • Is Your Mindset Working against your biology?
  • 3 common frameworks that put you at war with yourself
  • ​the danger of pursuing happiness
  • ​the biological purpose of emotions
  • ​why you should not try to manage, mitigate, or avoid stress
  • ​understand what is most meaningful to your biology first
  • ​leveraging your most powerful Communication system
  • ​lean into stress


  • The Vitality Principles: Ownership, growth mindset, & chunking
  • Players of Vitality - Our essence, The vehicle, & The Environment
  • Mission & Purpose, intuition, and unity
  • The Trilogy of Vitality
  • Relationships, Time, Money, and Things

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Break Through the Chains of the Traditional Health Model & Empower Yourself with the Principles of Vitality!



LIke I mentioned, this book is FREE...I just need you to help me cover the cost of shipping and handling. I'll send it anywhere in the world because I know just how much of a game-changer the information in this book can be to your well-being.


Is there an Audio Book Available?

Not at this time, but it is in the process of being created. Anyone that grabs a copy of the book through this offer will receive the Audio Book for free when it is released!

Does Matt Offer Courses on HTV?

YES! Matt has several online courses that support individuals to execute what they learn in the book. You can access ALL of Matt's courses through the "Health to Vitality" Membership, which can be accessed through the "Health to Vitality" APP available on Apple and Google Platforms. All Rights Reserved 2023 and Beyond
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