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At least 50% reduction in pain in less than 3 visits
Specializing in Back, Shoulder, and Knee Pain

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No more dependence on




or other modalities that leave you questioning,
"There has to be another way?!"

There is Another Way!

The Whole Picture Approach to Your Orthopedic Injuries

  • Get to the cause of your pain
  • Empower yourself with actual answers
  • Understand exactly what is happening
  • Have practical strategies that work
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Be able to do what you love doing again

5 Orthopedic Surgeries before I was 22!

I am in better shape at 44 than I was at 24!

I have scoured the planet for answers to questions that the traditional model could not answer. Through the process of studying with world renowned practitioners in soft tissue therapy, chain reaction biomechanics, and movement science, I have created a system that has empowered thousands of individuals to break free from the chains of a symptom driven model and step into sustainable solutions.


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Movement Evaluation

Get a big picture assessment of the entire system to identify what is CAUSING the injured area to be symptomatic.

Clear the Runway

Based on your Eval, we create a program to remodel the soft tissue pathways to enable efficient and optimal movement patterns.


Time to use what you now have and be free. This is where we program the new movements for performance & resiliency.

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